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lifeSTYLED team having a fun time in the garden

Our Story

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Henry Ford

what we believe

We believe that how you style your life and your surroundings truly helps inspire you to be better in this world. We truly enjoy recognizing a need from a client or friend and help them in any way we can to make their home or office more manageable, feasible, better. 

We love to make the places where we all work, play, and live beautiful,  comfortable, and happy. Sometimes it is as simple as making your surroundings a little more “you”, a little better each day, and a little more “styled” in every way.

how we started

Sarah Brown co-founded lifeSTYLED with Three Sixty Co-Founders Nonet Reese and Tricia Young in 2018. Three Sixty began as a real estate company and has grown to include a "family of services" offering real estate, long-term and vacation rental management, and interiors.

lifeSTYLED Co-Founders Nonet Reese, Tricia Young, Sarah Brown
Interior Design project at Bridgewater Boulevard in Auburn, AL

Why lifeSTYLED?

People always ask us, “Why is your company called lifeSTYLED?”

The word LIFE can be defined as "the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual" and STYLED can be defined as "how something is done, content, a distinctive manner of expression, behavior, conducting oneself, a particular mode of living, a distinctive quality".

As we discussed what we wanted this business to be and how we wanted to serve our community, these two words were essential. We bring style to the spaces in your life, whether it's at your home, workplace, or the events that you attend. We provide that missing piece that brings it all together. It seemed logical to put the two words together as well: lifeSTYLED! 

what we do

We are incredibly thankful for each job we do!  We’ve learned, grown, developed friendships, and cultivated relationships, and feel especially lucky to have been able to expand our own community by turning clients into friends.

We’ve taken old offices and made them better, new offices with a fresh slate and furnished them, brought paper drawings to life, furnished homes, game day houses, and lake homes.


We’ve worked with multiple builders to furnish model homes, staged countless homes for sale, and worked individually with clients to provide them with exactly what they needed at the time, whether it's an older home that needed a refresh or new builds for selections and furniture sourcing. We’ve consulted with our churches on paint colors, furnishings, and renovations. We’ve worked with a blind gentleman to furnish his apartment, styled events for fundraisers, furnished entire lake houses and worked with clients for VRBO’s and furnished them down to the toilet paper, color consulted on interiors and exterior homes and apartments.

lifeSTYLED Co-Founder Sarah Brown
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