Our Team
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Co-Founder | Lead Designer

Sarah Brown

An advocate for creating inspired, artistic interiors, Sarah has a passion for beautiful things with a genuine visual eye – she strives to make interiors and homes thoughtful, alluring and comfortable through design, decorating and staging.


Jenny Aldridge

Growing up, Jenny’s mother and grandmother instilled in her a love for beautiful things. The style and influence these two women had on her life affects who she is and what she loves to this day. Jenny believes that a beautiful home is such an important part of life, and brings comfort, peace, and a place you long to return to.



Melanie Beasley

Melanie Beasley loves to get to know her clients and work with them to make their home a beautiful haven of rest. She enjoys the challenge of creating personal space that is perfect for how each client lives. It makes her happy to see them excited about how beautiful their home looks.


Bren Freeman

Bren Freeman loves how diversity in design reflects diversity in people and their lifestyles. And while she appreciates a well styled room in a photo shoot, she feels that the best homes reflect the individual personalities of those who live there.


Staging Coordinator

Tonya Tyson

Tonya loves hunting and finding unique pieces that speak to people. Tonya believes “your space should be fun and tell a story about the people who live there. If you don’t love a piece, don’t buy it to fill up space. Wait on that special item that makes you smile when you see it.”